Coaching at work 

I work with businesses and organisations as an external coach for staff. Working with individuals to grow their professional persona confidently so they are more comfortable in their role, more effective and ultimately more productive.


Importantly working with me offers the key to a successful business coaching relationship: -


I am independent of your company


By being a visiting outsider I build trust very quickly making for a more effective coaching relationship. My role and boundaries are crystal clear as opposed to using an internal coach. I'm not part of the team and have no bias or preconceptions towards certain departments, people or teams. I have no other responsibilities or loyalties to the company only my client, therefore, I'm more adept and suited to giving sensitive feedback.


Sometimes a member of staff has the potential to do a fantastic job, but something is holding them back. Or a talented colleague has been promoted because they are excellent at their job, however, management is a whole different ball game. Or an in-house coach feels out of their depth as their coachee raises personal problems or issues around anxiety, mental health or wellbeing.


This is where I come in, professional and confidential.


Pop over and read my post on the advantages of hiring an external coach. Do your research to find the right coach who offers a time-limited package, as opposed to an expensive on-going or open-ended relationship. An external coach should also provide clear outcomes, agreed in advance and a summary upon completion ensuring it's an open and transparent process whilst adhering to confidentiality.


The first step is to email me and see if I can help.

Laptop email

Maria is an incredibly professional coach, who can really demonstrate how her work impacts on company objectives and ultimately benefits the workplace.

The coaching process was very clearly communicated, with time built into feedback progress.

From a manager’s perspective, I was reassured of the value of the coaching and I will certainly recommend Maria to others.

Emma Hardy, Director External Relations

Internet Watch Foundation

I'm far more confident in my ability to perform at senior level now. I thought my confidence would just grow as I got into my job. In fact, it was the opposite it got worse, things really started to change for the better when the coaching started.

I find prioritising much easier, I sleep better, I have strategies to manage, I'm far more confident in meetings and working with people from all areas of the business, whereas before I just got through ... It all makes so much sense now, like a missing piece. Well worth the time and highly recommended.

J.B Legal Professional Oxford

I brought Maria in as an external coach to our organisation and I found her to be honest, reliable, and above all capable of maintaining a strong confidentiality ethic. She responded well to the needs of individuals around very sensitive issues.

Maria has the ability to put the most nervous and cautious people at ease without crossing the important boundaries.

Maria Lam, Children and Early Years Centre Cambridgeshire


The benefits have been my confidence has grown, more enjoyment in my work, gaining a sense of achievement and getting a new perspective on my role and responsibilities. The outcome is I'm far happier and at ease recruiting another member of staff. The coaching has given me an objectivity and understanding I didn't have before and I really liked having the goals agreed at the beginning. I now see how important that is.

C.M Marketing Manager, Cambridge


Coaching helped me realize that I do have the knowledge and skills to be a good manager and help guide staff to be their best.

Taking the time to think about what you are doing, why and how, I realize is necessary to change and improve. I learned a lot personally and professionally in a short time. Maria made the journey much more fulfilling.

G. Klasson Canadian Military, Germany