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We do meaningful work to make a difference

Back in 2008 I saw a gap in services for coaching to bridge the divide between therapy, counselling and wellbeing. Illuminate charity was created by myself and Sam Greenley, we and a dynamic team of coaches and trainers have supported thousands of people to move forward, regain their confidence, resilience and work life balance. 

We expanded our network and redesigned carefully our offering to ensure we could help and support the business community. This diversified our income and helped us to meet the demand on our services through COVID.​


However, things were changing and after 15 years we decided to close the charity, afterall it had fulfilled its mission, the landscape we started in has changed considerably since 2008 and importantly the leadership, myself and Sam wanted to change direction, I wanted the freedom to take the very best from Illuminate and ensure we adhere to our values whilst managing a good work-life balance.

There is huge potential to maximise the positive impact of the work you do and we can enhance and strengthen your services, to increase impact and make the difference.

Maria is part of the steering group for Cambridge Mental Health Network, we collaborate with others working to get the very best for our clients, network and community. Jeremy works with the Universal Coaching Alliance.

Our vision is anyone experiencing mental health issues has access to the coaching that helps them lead meaningful lives, in and/or out of the workplace.


Research shows stress and burnout are not going away any time soon, The Burnout Report, 2024 by Mental Health UK found that almost a quarter of UK adults felt unable to manage the stress and pressure in their lives.


Thanks for all the pioneering work you have done - helping us to talk about things, feelings and thoughts that were previously hidden, for fear of stigma. Your Confidence for Change course was groundbreaking and I meet many people whose lives were turned round by attending.

S.L Cambridge

Jeremy was excellent, and it's one of the best courses I've been on! 

There was a lot to get through, and quite heavy but Jeremy delivered it at a good pace and with humour - that was very needed at times. The personal touch and honesty of Jeremy about his own experiences were also really helpful.


Thanks to Jeremy and the content I could concentrate and enjoy learning for the whole two days.

AH University of Cambridge Museums 

Maria delivered a talk that was particularly refreshing, offering insights into the challenges of hybrid working and offering useful ways to protect our mental health.

She’s an engaging speaker who gave our managers permission to consider whether they are doing enough to look after themselves and their teams, especially working from home. There was time to reflect and discuss how we are during this difficult time.

Rachel Allen Comms Manager Alzheimer’s Research UK

Just three sessions and even in that short time Maria was so helpful. I got clear on my focus and goals on social media. I have the start of a communications plan and know what needs to happen next.


I am so much clearer on where I need to focus my efforts. Thank you Maria!

Schia Mitchell Sinclair, Medical Herbalist and Craniosacral Therapist

I really enjoyed working with Maria, she has a unique ability to combine care and honesty without losing sight of the goal. She quickly got to the heart of it sharing insights into my blind spots which was very interesting and enlightening.


Maria is also creative, a quality I appreciated as this is something I think I'm not and it brought a fresh approach to our work together.


She's compassionate, business-focused and resourceful. A great combination!

Charlotte Marsh-Scott

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