This is me

I’m Maria. The first part of my journey here was unplanned with lots of traveling and star gazing. Perfect at the time.


I lived in a number of countries including Israel, Japan and Taiwan and spent time in Nepal, Egypt and Sumatra. It was the nineties and I loved traveling. One Spring I came home and realised this was my home by choice. I saw it a fresh and went back to college. First qualifying as a Social Worker, then onto qualify in Business Coaching at postgraduate level and more recently mental health first aid (MHFA). 


These days you'll find me working alongside Sam managing Illuminate Charity, the not-for-profit we founded in 2008. We specialise in coaching, training and facilitation for individuals and the business community. Illuminate works with people who are unemployed and often managing mental ill health such as depression and anxiety. 


When I hired my first coach it was a big turning point and every investment I’ve made since has paid back many times over. So the latter part of my journey has been more thoughtful a mix of planning, small steps and big leaps.


At the heart of my work is care and integrity helping you connect your goals, your values and your priorities so you are really motivated to make an impact, trust in yourself and ultimately become your own guide.


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