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Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety cause poor sleep, and a lack of sleep can cause stress and anxiety. Poor sleep and the pressure to be excellent (perfect even) driven by your inner critic is a tough calling. You may thrive on stress but it's meant to be temporary and not a lifestyle. 


Holding back

Frustrated by a lack of progress and find yourself making excuses and trying to ignore or push away any thoughts or ambitions, maybe you talk yourself out of it. Self-doubt makes it hard to progress.


Fragile or low confidence

Confidence comes from a belief in our abilities, strengths, qualities and ultimately that we have value. You can build on it once you know how. Anxiety, over-analysing and criticising yourself is a stumbling block and it's interference holding you back.


I will show you how to grow your confidence and manage the self-doubt using practical tips and techniques. Giving you ...



1. Confidence and self-belief. 

Grow your confidence step by step and understand why we procrastinate and over-analyse. Learn how to build the self-belief with your own bespoke plan of action. I have over 15 years of experience specialising in building confidence, raising self-esteem and resilience with people from all backgrounds, working one to one and in groups.


2. Motivation and clarity.

We connect the dots between what makes you tick with what you want. I'll share tips and techniques to help you manage stress and you'll learn ways to be centered and grounded. Learn how to get crystal clear on your boundaries and that's crucial in managing stress and anxietyAs we move forward your ambition and enthusiasm will ease back into life.   


3. The route forward.

Explore your options with objectivity and curiosity, not fear or criticism. We get specific on the best and most effective route forward and we start by getting clear on the outcomes you want from coaching. It’s personal and professional development, the two are not separate.


By the way, it's an easy mistake to make


Thinking you're either born confident or not. Or that confidence equates to being domineering or a natural leader. Not so. 


You can be an introvert who is self-confident. Confidence is not a personality type.


Sometimes it's very helpful to adapt extrovert behaviours and sometimes it's necessary to have solitude.

Working with me is not about changing your personality or making you into something you’re not.

It’s about finding your voice and what you want. 

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I went to an interview yesterday and they offered me the job! I’m really nervous but I'm going to do it and it's mainly down to you and your coaching which I will be forever grateful for.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are a star. I would never even have considered anything like this if it weren't for you and the work we did together.

E. Raw

Just like to I inform you that I now have a job with xxxxxxx!
So excited and I'm starting off slowly with 14 hours as we discussed. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement over the last year. It has made a tremendous difference getting me back on track and back to work I enjoy. 

Thank you once again.

M. Blackmore

I have had the utmost pleasure in working with Maria and she helped me enormously in working towards my career goals. I found her a professional and highly skilled coach and great to talk to.
The goals she set got me on track to achieve my ambitions. I could see the value in each session, and would not hesitate to see her again and to recommend her to others.

I. Beardsley

Maria is an absolute genius! Her coaching has been the single most beneficial input I have had in my sport. After just one session I felt more confident, I could manage my nerves, I performed better than ever before. It's a direct result of Maria’s coaching and cannot thank her enough.

W. Handley

Working with Maria really got me researching credible career alternatives. I had been stuck in a rut for more years. I kept thinking about leaving and tried to look for other jobs. I never actually did anything about it.

Working with Maria, I actually followed through and set up meetings, talked to key people etc. Maria provided the framework and motivation, I couldn't be more pleased. Thank-you.

S. Moar


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