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Coaching  Packages

Refresh and refocus 

Three coaching sessions to refresh, refocus and remind you about self-confidence, resilience and your skills.


If you're new to a role or experienced and just lost your fizz, it all feels a bit meh, then this is for you.


We will build on your experience, strengths and values. You'll get clear on your boundaries and leave any imposter syndrome chatter behind. 

​It's personal and professional development.

3 coaching sessions of 1 hour and 15 minutes, online.

Individual coaching

Life can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging, leaving you unsure about the right path to take.

Personalised and confidential coaching sessions online will help you navigate and set you on the right path.

Start with four sessions and if it's working well then you are welcome to carry on, booking one session at a time as needed. We do not tie you into long contracts or packages.

4 coaching sessions of 1.15 minutes online

One focused half day 

A half day immersive coaching session with Maria or Jeremy online or in-person a morning or afternoon of 2.5 hours.

It's a carefully planned, focused and productive time bespoke to you.

We will get clear on what you want out of the time by having an introductory meeting. Here we will get to understand you and your context, you can decide if it's right for you.

1 coaching session of 2.5 ours, online or in-person

Please contact us regarding coaching or training for employees, teams or groups.

Get in touch for more detailed information.
Let's talk through your needs or ideas and see if we can help.

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