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Hello, thanks for coming by I'm Maria

I've been in this business for over 25 years, designing and delivering individual professional development, coaching and training courses. I'm qualified at postgraduate level in Personal and Business Coaching, Barefoot Coaching ICF accredited 2007. I also have a postgraduate diploma in Social Work, a teaching certificate (TEFL) and MHFA England Mental Health First Aider.


Sam and I started Illuminate Charity in 2008, when coaching was new, shiny and expensive only available to CEOs and high earners. We believed coaching could bridge the gap for those who wanted to build their confidence, learn and grow, without counselling or therapy. We wanted to ensure it was available to all experiencing poor or low mental health to help them lead meaningful lives in and out of the workplace.

The mission was fulfilled and this year we made the difficult decision to close the charity, that landscape has changed and in some respects for the better the spotlight is on mental health and it's nots fading any time soon. The expertise and knowledge from Illuminate is still available as myself and Jeremy offer our services on a consultancy or coaching and training basis.


Together we off a small range of niche services including the accredited and nationally recognised Mental Health First Aid courses. We ensure our services are accessible and jargon free to both clients and participants. If you have any requirements or needs to get full value from our courses or coaching please let us know.​ 

Our ability to support others is predicated on looking after ourselves first so it's important to get support and help, don't hold back as when we are heading for burnout we often don't recognise it and it's only others who may notice. If your company offers nothing or you don't want to go through your employee assistance programme (your not alone the uptake is very low), get in touch


Get in touch I'd love to hear from you 

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