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Courses and coaching
We are committed to ensuring all our courses are accessible, welcoming and jargon free. We plan and evaluate all our with work. Here are examples of talks, training and courses we deliver. 

Mental Health First Aid 2 day course

Delivered by Jeremy in person for your organisation or business. All participants get the MHFA app which provides ongoing support and guidance. This course offers an in-depth look at mental health, the factors that trigger mental ill health and the practical skills needed to help and support or refer on. 

Cartoon Camp

Confidence Check-In

A session to refresh and remind everyone about the impact of confidence and importantly it's not about changing your personality. We focus on the foundation of confidence looking at our values, boundaries, body language, non-verbal clues, so to quieten the self-doubt.

Suitable for young people and adults.

MHFA Champions Course

A one day course focusing on anxiety, depression and stress. It will give you the skills to spot the signs and support positive wellbeing. This is best suited for managers and HR professionals and is for up to 16 employees.

Sand Dunes

Individual coaching

Life can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging, leaving you unsure about the right path to take.

Personalised and confidential coaching sessions online will help you navigate and set you on the right path.

Start with three sessions and if it's working well then you are welcome to carry on or may be three will be enough?

Rainbow Cubes

Strategies for Good Mental Health

Online or in-person workshop, starting with the definitions of stress and mental health. We focus on wellbeing, good and bad stress, resilience and tips and techniques on managing wellbeing at work.

Dot Painting

One focused coaching session

One meeting online a morning or afternoon of 2 hours with breaks as needed.

It's a planned, focused and productive couple of hours as it's bespoke to you.

Get clear on what you want to get out of our time together before we start by having an introductory meeting. Then we begin. 

Get in touch for more detailed information.
Let's talk through your needs or ideas and see if we can help.

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