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coaching and training with a social impact

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The mission continues

Our vision is anyone experiencing poor mental health has access to the coaching and training that helps them lead meaningful lives, in and/or out of the workplace. Research and shows poor mental health, stress and burnout are not going away any time soon. The Burnout Report, 2024 by Mental Health UK found that nine in ten UK adults experienced high or extreme stress in the past year and almost a quarter of adults felt unable to manage stress and pressure in their lives.


The need is still there for an effective, high quality and professional service that delivers excellent evaluations and feedback. If you are an organisation that is looking for a coaching and training package or product that has a successful and strong history we can help. We can help you dove tail it into your current services or new services.


I would love to share the expertise, knowledge and resources with you, our courses have also been delivered to women only groups. Here are two long term schemes we delivered amongst many smaller projects – 


Confidence for Change - focuses on understanding and building self-confidence and self-esteem, using positive psychology, solution focused principles it is a practical engaging course with home learning for example observing body language, self-awareness and stress management.


Confidence to Progress - building on Confidence for Change, training and coaching to support clients on to the next steps includes establishing goals and motivation without the overwhelm. Techniques and skills are shared to manage ruts and dips culminating in a self-made toolbox of resources. It is flexible and can be tailored to the audience,. Both delivered consistent feedback scoring of 92% excellent.

If you think I could help you or your organisation through consultation or delivery, let's talk.

Back in 2008 we saw a gap in services for coaching to bridge the divide between therapy, counselling and wellbeing. We have supported thousands of people through our courses and coaching to move forward, regain their confidence, resilience and work life balance. 


We believe good work and good mental health are interdependent so in 2020 we expanded our network and offered our services to the business community. This trading diversified our income and helped us to meet the demand on our services post COVID.

Illuminate will close March 28th 2024

After 15 years we have made the difficult decision to close the charity. It has fulfilled its mission and the landscape we started

in has changed considerably allowing us to focus the expertise and knowledge on improved services and products.

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