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Based in Cambridge working online and in-person we deliver an evidence-based approach to good mental health, resilience and self-confidence through coaching for individuals, groups and teams.


Our approach is centred on strengths and values as we know that wellbeing and good mental health are intrinsically linked to performance, job satisfaction, and a clear sense of purpose. 

​We know when managers receive coaching they love it, they see results and the impact, however, when they learn to coach they feel enabled, skilled and effective. They get the best from other people and can see the results.

We work with individuals, organisations, non-profits and the business community as specialists in professional development through coaching, training, facilitation and Mental Health First Aid.

Maria Varallo
Maria Varallo
Mental Health First Aid
The Burnout Report, 2024 by Mental Health UK found that nine in ten UK adults experienced high or extreme stress in the past year and almost a quarter of adults felt unable to manage stress and pressure in their lives.
Our coaching programmes are designed to support you investing in your own wellbeing or your teams. Helping you thrive in uncertainty and change developing and nurturing your confidence, strengths and resilience.

“Maria was really engaging and considering the time of day (late) she managed to get us up on our feet and really built the energy for the session. I would definitely recommend working with Maria as a trainer and facilitator she was brilliant.” 

Charlotte Young, Director of People & Culture, CUPress & Assessment 

"It made a difference by allowing time to reflect on my management and leadership skills. It's extremely useful to explore this safely without judgment and with an external person to our company. Coaching is an important part of my professional development now because I have learnt so much."

D.S. Anchor Housing N.E

"Jeremy was excellent and it was one of the best courses I've been on. There was a lot to get through; and often quite heavy going but Jeremy delivered it all at a good pace and with humour - that was very much needed. The personal touch; and honesty of the trainer was really helpful."

"Maria was excellent, the coaching and training made a huge difference to SL's confidence, she has regained her own ‘power’ and is far more proactive. Thank you Maria for a brilliant course every woman should attend."

Alison Nolan, Winter Comfort Cambridge

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