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Case Study - Coaching for managers with a national housing association

Updated: Feb 22

We provided a specialist wellbeing coaching and resilience training package for managers and their teams at one of the UK's largest housing associations. We worked with 77 managers whilst the organisation was going through significant structural change. 


We worked with 77 managers over three months and monitored the impact of our work. At the end we produced an evaluation report with the results, feedback, and impact. We also delivered online wellbeing sessions for teams and drop-in coaching sessions for anyone who felt they needed the extra support.


Our independence, being an external provider, was key to our successful relationships and the project as a whole. Importantly, feedback stated that working with an external coach meant managers could have more honest and in-depth conversations without the worry of bias or compromise. This was the foundation for more honest, trusting and professional coaching relationships. We had 100% attendance for all coaching and a 96% attendance on all training and talks.


The Training

77 operational managers across the organisation participated in the 5 Resilience for Teams training days. 

Outcomes agreed: -

1. An understanding of how the brain and body reacts to stress

2. Techniques for managing stress, anxiety and to build resilience

3. An understanding of the practical application of supporting teams wellbeing


Evaluation results: -

77% scored it as excellent

23% very good

 100% recommended the training

96% said they now have a better understanding of resilience

4% said they would follow up with their coach on putting strategies into practice


The Coaching

The focus was on supporting managers to develop their leadership role and style whilst being mindful of their own wellbeing and personal development.


Common themes were personal and professional development as managers and some go through to the senior leadership team. Identifying and managing outdated or unhelpful beliefs and ideas about themselves and their potential for example imposter syndrome. Developing skills and confidence.


Mental wellbeing was at the heart of these conversations and by raising their awareness of their own wellbeing and mental health they, in turn, could manage more effectively the wellbeing of their teams.


Outcomes agreed:-

1. Managers will be more skilled, motivated, and resilient

2. Increase in feeling valued and in control

3. Identify and understand their personal strengths and skills 

4. Increased confidence in their leadership role


Evaluation results: -

87% scored excellent

13% very good

100% would recommend the coaching

75% gained practical strategies for their role

83% had greater confidence in their role

92% gained new strategies for managing stress and overwhelm

100% stated the coaching sessions were beneficial and helpful


It was clear that capitalising on our independence and impartiality whilst utilising our expertise in coaching and training brings significant benefits for an organisation. This was evidenced in the evaluations as well as in the quantitive and qualitative feedback.

"The coaching made such a difference, by having time to reflect on my management and leadership skills so I can now see what I need to draw on and develop. It's been extremely useful to explore this, without judgment and with an objective and experienced coach, thank you an amazing experience."





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