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How to Successfully Move to your New Job

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

If you’re moving jobs, changing careers or starting a new role by choice it will be exciting (I hope) and here are just four steps you can take to reduce the stress.

  1. Go easy on yourself: It takes time to establish yourself as a trusted and important team member. Whether you’re joining as a manager or a team member, don’t assume you’ll be at your optimum in a couple of days. Be patient and give yourself time and give the team or your colleagues time to get to know you.

  2. Establish rapport: It takes time to build rapport with people and it may not happen as quickly as you would like or expect especially if some people are working from home or hybrid working. While being curious is a great first step, also be aware of body language and in your voice and tone especially on Zoom calls.

  3. Build trust: You may think about yourself as trustworthy it is important to remember that others may not immediately see this. A lot depended on their past experiences and the last person in your role and the expectations of others. The good news is you can control this by following through on what you say you will do, in your actions and words. So focus on your communication and competence.

  4. Take care of yourself: This is important as you do want to burn out of go off sick within the first couple of months. Remember you’ll be using more energy than you think even if this role is easy for you or a step down from your last job. Be extra careful to take time to unwind at the end of the day so you can sleep well at night. Be aware of your own boundaries and take time off to relax and reflect.



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