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5 reasons to hire a leadership coach from outside your organisation

Lots of companies have lots of staff trained in coaching skills at various levels and competencies. According to Training Journal 83% of organisations make use of coaching but hiring coaches form outside are preferred at senior management levels and above.

Why at senior and director levels is there a preference for an external coach?

Confidentiality, trust, impartiality and results.

Trust is crucial for the relationship to be successful but be careful compliance is not trust. A good coach will have the freedom and skill to challenge and be curious to be able ask questions that an employed in house coach may not dare as it may conflict with their role or their departments' agenda. This leads to the risk of unconsciously or consciously losing sight of the client and skewing the focus of the coaching.

It's not just the internal politics and agendas that can get in the way, an in-house coach will also have their own workload and coaching is just an additional responsibility. Whereas an external coach has only one profession - coaching and it's their specialism. They will have developed their own niche and track record that will make it much easier to match with senior staff.

  1. An external coach will have no relationship with the coachee, no preconceived bias or assumptions.

  2. Confidentiality, impartiality and boundaries are clear, easier to set and agree.

  3. Trust and rapport are built quickly and is more sustainable.

  4. The coaching relationship will be time-limited with the number of meetings and outcomes agreed at the outset.

  5. The client is very unlikely to be late or miss a meeting.



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