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The Power of Mental Health First Aid Training

Updated: Feb 14

There are many ways business invests in their people, and one is investing in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) the learning and impact is not only on the participants but also their teams and the wider company by: -​


·    Improved teamwork and engagement

·    Reduced absence and staff turnover

·    Increased productivity and performance


By offering the course in-house you are valuing the company’s wellbeing and the mental health of every staff member. The course develops the skills and confidence to create a positive mental health culture in the workplace.


We recommend allowing colleagues to come forward and volunteer for the role as opposed to appointing or nominating, it’s an important role and the motivation and interest must be there. You can have 8 to 16 attend the course and it offers: -

  1. Fully qualified and experienced trainer – Jeremy Gulvin

  2. Case studies can be tailored to your sector or business

  3. Interactive, engaging and informative 

  4. Team development, improved communications and morale

  5. All course materials, including a Mental Health First Aid manual for each attendee

  6. MHFA England certificate issued upon successful completion and access to the app Hub of Hope where you can enter your postcode to find local services statutory and charitable. Also, Shout a text service with trained volunteers, MHFA resources, plus videos, and their newsletter.

  7. A safe space building on knowledge and skills, raising awareness and empathy.

Once the course is completed think carefully about how you will support the mental health first aiders and also any wellbeing leads as the role embeds and new learning and situations arise. We offer facilitated practitioner meetings post-qualifying to bring all MHFAiders and wellbeing leads together allowing space to embed learning, mutual support, develop expertise and share best practice.


The course and offering a practitioner’s support network creates a safe, healthy workplace where the health of employees is valued. By choosing to work with us you are showing your customers, staff and suppliers that your business takes mental health seriously.





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